Papi’s Always a Good Time

Located in the center of the Gringo Gulch, adjacent to the Morazan Hotel is Papi’s Bar and Grill. It is a popular hang out for ticos and gringos alike, and what I like most are the beautiful bartenders who are always friendly and like to have a good time. This is a mix of some of my best photos, and some are as old as three years, going back to when the place was called Dos Gringos. While the girls come and go the atmosphere has always remained the same.

Happy hour is the best time to come, and I like to stop by and get warmed out around 5pm when the Del Rey is still pretty quiet. The street outside is pretty lively also, so don’t worry you won’t be bored. It’s als a good place to unwind if you call it a night early at the Key Largo. Papi’s closes at midnight, so usually my next stop is bed.


  1. Rob says:

    Is this the old/former "Dos Gringo's"?

  2. william says:

    baca brava or green door in punteranus cheeper and just as good of looking girls some even better looking should try it out dave

  3. Rusty says:

    Yes, former owner was Don and Peter they sold it to another Don who sold it to Bobby. All in the last 6 years. also the former Faro's and before that gordy's. Bobby the owner now just had a Birthday party on the 15th. He wants to make it a private club sort of . So we will see. Also the food improved with the restaurant next door. Bobby wish you well see you soon.

  4. Cubadave says:

    Never knew Don and Peter very well but I did like Don the guy they sold it to, I spent alot of time there and met alot of good people there.

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