Why the Sportsmens Lodge is the Best Option

Sportsmens Lodge

I have been coming to Costa Rica for many years I recommend the Sportsmens Lodge in Barrio Amon as both an excellent place to stay, and to have fun.

The Sportsmens is a hotel, restaurant, and bar setup that makes a good place to meet girls in San Jose.

Unlike some other places in San Jose it’s the kind of place where the owners are happy to let people have a good time and not get involved with the action so to speak.

The bottom line is you good a good deal at the Sportsmens and there isn’t any funny business on the side.

The Sportsmens Lodge is also a good place to start you day as it is the center of the action.


  1. BullshiterLikeU says:

    How SML payed u to talk so much bs???
    Now additionally to girls u r the Pimp for
    sportsmen lodge.

    1. Ampitman says:

      Dude, Cuba Dave knows the San Jose P4P scene as well as anyone. He shares some very good information. If you wish to remain ignorant, do it somewhere else. I have lived the life in CR since 2002. If it was not for amigos like Dave, I would not have made it survived. Ampitman

  2. slimindian says:

    I stayed at sportsmen's in early May and found it a great place. The only draw back with the cheaper rooms is that they are next to the bar, so if you want to rest earlier than midnight, you are out of luck. Other than that, great value for the $$.

    1. Jack says:

      Las Vegas has $16.00 rooms on the Strip but you put up with the noise!!! You get what you pay for no matter where you travel or stay. Adios-Jack

  3. CRLawyer says:

    Dave is telling the true, the the Sortmens is a good first choice….!!

  4. mike says:

    Dude… If Cubadave says a fly can pull a wagon… dont ask why just hitch that motherfucker up. This man knows the streets of San Jose. I only wish I had known of him in 2005 when I first treked to CR. I would have saved a lot of time and effort dealing with the locals.

  5. Paul Peart says:

    Hello Dave/I would like a phone nuber of this place the Sportmans Lodge,i have been looking for A flight and Hotel.Thank You.

  6. Ken says:

    Dave ! We need to Hang one day…Cool…

  7. cheedah says:

    Have you ever pick up a bar tender at the blue marlin bar?

  8. cubadave says:

    As you know there has been a big shake up in the Bartender rotation at the Del Rey, several girls have been let go. When you are used to making $200 – $300 a night bartending at the Rey and now it's just not there, well there is only one other way to make that kind of money in Cost Rica, many of the ex bartenders will hang at the Sportsman, or frequent the Key Largo at night, never know you just might end up with one of your old favorite's – for the right price!!

    1. Jack says:

      CubaDave, Thanks for all your advice and street knowledge of the SJ scene, much appreciated. How about Jessica? Is she still working at the DR? I am headed down in September for a little birtday celebration for myself!!!!

  9. donluisito says:


    Luistio and myself will be staying at the Dunn Inn next week and we'll be within walking distance to the Sportsmens. One, if you're in town, drinks on us…if not, thanks for the advice. Looks like Happy Hour at the Sportsmens is in order.

    Happy Hunting,
    Don Jaime Dos Leches http://donluisito.wordpress.com

  10. bubba says:

    Found a girl that was great and offered to take her to Quepos.She said yes,so I gave her 200 for sansa.
    She cleed the Costa Verde and told them she was taking the bus.Fine with me.She showed up at 10 PM and we did some push push and then went fishing in the AM.Got my 1st bj on the boat.wWe got 6 sails that day.Sent her back on the bus on Sunday am.Not a bad deal for that money.

  11. bubba says:

    In AAugust went to CR again and basically did the same thing,except this girl from HLH also brought her girlfriend.Gave 'em plane $ but like the other took the bus.Real nice.Sent them back with full bellies,few little gifts and tans.
    When we got back to SJO we were treated very well and several girls want to do the same thing.I think they feel like royalty when they go to the beaches,Treat 'em right and you will be treated exceptionally.
    by the way I am in my 70's and still at it!!

  12. datdude says:

    Headed to CR on friday for the frist time! I'm not a big drinker but I do plan to indulge in the other activites. Reserved a room at the sportsmen, should I call ahead to confirm?

  13. CRTraveller says:

    How far is it from Del Rey to Sportsman? Do you recommend bringing a girl back there from Del Rey? Walk? Taxi?

    1. TresAmigos says:

      5-7 Min walk, and that's what we did. Better talent – quantity and quality – at the Del Rey. Take taxi back though for the $2-4 bucks.

  14. skoop says:

    I like Morazan better than SL. A little centrally located, very short walk to Del Ray, has casino, better value IMO

    1. cubadave says:

      I stayed at the Morazan for years – one way or another your going to end up at Key Largo or the Del Rey, so why not stay next door at the Morazan

  15. Wandering Eye II says:

    the Morazan is a dump but I will grant you that it is very centrally located.

    1. cubadave says:

      It is a dump – I stayed there for years, then I moved to the “Freebird Hotel” a great place very clean great price and the owner Dennis is a wealth of knowledge – the Freebird is 3 blocks from the Del Rey and less than 2 blocks from “Relax” very nice.

  16. Wandering Eye II says:

    I'm going back in November so I will definitely check it out thanks for the tip. Hey i need some advice though. I'm thinking of taking a sabbatical of sorts down there for about 6 months in early 14. trying to get a lead on a decent apartment right there in the center of the action. I contacted to realtors but they keep sending me things from Escazu. I don't think I want to be there because it's too far from the action. can you or anyone on this blog make any recommendations?

    1. cubadave says:

      6 months is a long time – I would try maybe 3 months – it’s a big adjustment – if you go in the low season you will find a cheap place and not as many guys, you become very popular very fast

      1. Wandering Eye II says:

        thanks Dave what's considered a low season?

        1. cubadave says:

          May – Nov. — cold up North hot in Sosua

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