Sosua Beach Fantasy Girl Naomi

Naomi Drinking a Cold Beer on Sosua Beach

I was just sitting on the beach in Sosua in the Dominican Republic and shooting video of the girls when she singles me out, and comes over to introduce herself. Next thing I know I am in the water with her, dress and all, and she is all over me.

She tells me that she wants to hook up later, but I know that between the afternoon and the disco we would likely end up going in separate directions. There are just so many girls here in Sosua and making a commitment so early in the day is something I have come to regret before.

I explain that I like her, but later is not what I have in mind, and she pulls up her dress and jumps into my arms. Everything takes places in five feet of water on the beach.

Afterwards, I bought her a beer and gave her 200 pesos, which is $5. We chat for a while, and she explains that she is from Santiago and came to town for three days to make some money. She had jumped into the water after a night on the town.

Afterwards I am thinking, how many times have you sat on the beach and wished you could just pick out whatever girl is most attractive.

This is certainly the case in Sosua as every girl in town is available even if they have a job. This is a tourist town, and girls come from all over the Dominican Republic to party and make some money. If she is in Sosua then the answer is always Yes.


  1. danny says:

    Dave, I may follow you from CR to Dominian republic. Thanks for the tip!

  2. jon says:

    Headed to Dominican Republic today. Can’t wait to see some beautys like that.

  3. guest says:

    Good to have u back.

  4. Happy Sunsets says:

    Great article. Where should a novice stay? How long of a stay do you recommend ?

    1. david strecker says:

      a week is long enough – several hotels $30 – $70 high end is Tera Linda — Sea Breeze – Don Antonio- $40 — New Garden is very popular with the Gringos – all with in a block of the action and walking distance to the beach – unlike San Jose they have this new concept " they pick up the garbage" – remember almost everything is cash, don't count on your credit cards – lot's of ATM's-

  5. daniel says:

    hey dave i contacted you but have not heard back so i will post my question here. I was wondering where should a first timer go… CR or DR? i have purchased your video/guide and im pretty comfortable with the action in San jose now. However from other sites pictures i have seen and and from that girls rear end it seems like the girls in DR fit my type. I have been hearing that Sosua and the DR in general is dead so i did not bother with it.

    Now after seeing your recent post it i wanted to know where you think i should to have a good time? i will be staying for a week with about a $1400 budget (im thinking 400 for food and at least a grand for girls )

    1. david strecker says:

      most of the action in the DR is dead – place's like Santo Domingo – Santiago – Boca Chica- have been cleaned up and the country is making a big move to promote tourism – Sousa is less than 20 miles from Puerta Plata, the action has moved there, it's very well regulated and under control – they have a set of rules and everybody works together – controlled environments like Passions- Cuba Libra – Camp Sosua – supply menus and prices for the girls – no bartering no upscale either way – if the owners of places like HLH were serious about running a business the right way they would take a trip to Sosua spend some time in a place like Passions and lean how to run a business the right way.

      1. bondmember says:

        Do we fly into Santo Domingo and then take a shuttle to Sousa? How does that part work? Or, does Sousa have an airport for a direct fight?

        1. Jose Luna says:

          You fly into the Puerto Plata Airport, which is 15 miles from Sosua. American has a flight from Miami and Jetblue flies from JFK. The airport code is POP.

          Sosua is on the central north side of the island and Santiago is on the south side, over 150 miles away.

      2. Chris says:

        If you know what you are doing, I do not care where you go in DR, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME. Although I think Santiago is the most difficult. But there is plenty of action in the DR, The more Spanish you can speak the better you are going to do.

  6. bondmember says:

    Glad to have u back dave and thank you for pretty much introducing me to CR thru your guidebook. I am kind of tired of CR and I wanted to try some new spots and low and behold Cuba Dave to the rescue(laugh).

  7. SosuaBruce says:

    Myself and some buddies have been to Sosua 3 times in 2010, and absolutelty love it, especially the fact that everything is within walking distance, the beach, all the restaraunts, lapassions, classicos,,,, In a little over 2 weeks we'll be heading to CR SanJose & Jaco Beach for the 1st time, and am wondering if you'd have any tips in terms of the differences between the 2 places.
    Also, we heard there were some big changes(ie:crackdowns on the chicas) in Sosua since we were there last in Oct. It has been that you could find a date for the night at any of the clubs along Pedro Clisante. Now it seems (from what I've read) you have to head down to LaPassions or CMP(Carribean Mens Paradise) for eat in or take out, lol. When where you there and did you find this to be the case?
    Ohh, we have stayed at the "Perla de Sosua" all 3 times, prices range from $30-60, it's guest friendly (no questions/ID checks), the rooms are decent, service is good, and it's right behind Banco Popular/Baileys

  8. william says:

    dave you should check out the putaros near esparza 10 calonies and some as nice looking as del ray also

  9. Sosua villas says:

    There`s cheap priced villas for rent in Sosua too, like the ones in Casa linda or Hispaniola. A lot of cheap rentals and useful stuff is found in the site as listed here.

  10. jaco beach says:

    Cuba Dave… can you do a report on Jaco, I will be there in 10 days. Thanks in advance

  11. alexander says:

    A grand for girls Really??

    1. brucebanner says:

      Its about 30/session… ive been to sosua many times sometimes, at 10-14 days clips at time I’ve never had to spend anywhere near 1000 dollars!!

      1. cubadave says:

        That's good – everyone has different tastes, I often get asked " how much money should I bring "? there is no answer because everyone has different taste in women and everyone has a cut of point on how much is too much – I have spent $1000 in 5 days and sometimes I don't spend that in 2 weeks – I don't care how much I spend if I like the girl but if I'm not happy with what I find some nights I just pass. It's all about what make YOU happy.

  12. Rodney says:

    Ok. Cubadave. Is there any action like Sousa in St.Martain or St.Thomas? I have been to Sousa about 3 times and had a great time! I love the fact that in Sousa everything is in a 5-6 block radius. No need for a rental car:)

    1. cubadave says:

      I spent 14 years in St Thomas Nothing — St Martian has a club called Ba ta Bing(spelling?) I talked to a girl last night from Sosua who was going there to work she said it's about $700 for all night and that was after I just gave her $62 for one hour – WOW I felt bad so I gave her a $5 tip.

  13. tross12 says:

    Dave, I am heading back to the DR. Based upon the over night stay and additional $800 cost of the flight, I will be flying directly to POP this, but Santa Domingo. They tell there is a 4 hour bus ride from SD to Sousa. With that said is it worth spending a day or 2 in SD before heading to Sousa for 5 days? Do you know the cost of the bus ride? Do you know anything about the scene/girls-of-SD?

  14. cubadave says:

    No No twice the price

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