Yasiman was the first girl I met when I went to Dominican Republic for the first time, which happened to be my birthday.

If Passion’s Sosua was looking for a poster girl, then Yasiman is the girl with more passion than any I have ever met.

Want the real GFE this is the girl. Like so many of the girls Yaisman lives in Santiago and visits Sosua when she can.


  1. Tim says:

    Hi Dave, When you send her a birthday card spell her name Yasmin. hahaha How about a photo credit in there on one of them. Thanks, Tim

  2. Enrique Noriega says:

    Dave, when are you going to write about Costa Rica again?

  3. metalcuban says:

    Dave what really happens to U in costa rica..Did they banned your entry??
    Theres a lot of rumors..
    please let us know

  4. david strecker says:

    set the record straight – I have no problems in CR – in Aug. a good friend told me about the DR – so I gave it a try, for me it worked – it's closer- warmer in the winter- a nice beach – and reminded me of Cuba, I had some great times in CR and met alot of good people- same is true here just a different place, I may visit CR again sometime but right now I am very happy here., believe me this is not for everybody, but it works for me. Six friends from Key West just showed up here yesterday all traveled to Cuba with me and all have been to CR, they also liked this better. See I went to CR because I wanted to not because I had to, I came had fun and went home to Key West, same is true here, I come every month and when I feel like going back I go, I'm not an expariot or some old disgruntled loser living on a fixed income, I'm just an average guy living an above average life style, everyone lives different.

  5. john doe says:

    Her name is YARITZA !

    1. david strecker says:

      Yasmin – (stage name)

    2. Rocketman says:

      Now in this post there are 4 spellings for this girls name. Dave gives us 2, Tim has a different one but John Doe seems more positive. This girl is a player! lol

      1. cubadave says:

        You are right but it's always the same girl

  6. Jack says:

    That is awesome Dave…….you always seem to have a great time and after all, is that not why we are all here? Can you discuss the DR pricing vs the CR pricing and also recommend places to visit in DR? I am trying to plan a trip this year to either DR or back to CR…….any info would be appreciated.

  7. astromax says:

    Seems there are next to no or no MPs in DR. MPs are where the bargins are and where the fresh produce comes to market. Diamonds in the rough are easier to find in MPs. I'll stick to CR.

  8. ceenote says:

    Hey Dave, I would like to know how much is the exit fee when taking out a female from passions.


    1. cubadave says:

      6pm 5000rd 10:30 3500rd 1am 2500rd

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