Cerveza for Me at La Passions

I was doing a promotion spot for Passions when I noticed this very healthy girl standing off to the side, and she kept licking her lips as I was trying to concentrate on the video. I couldn’t help but notice her as she licked her lips and pointed to herself in a motion that suggested that she was thirsty.

As I was trying to finish I made eye contact and that did it, with cameras rolling she just walked on to the set and said ” Cerveza for me” – well being the noble guy I am I handed her my ice cold Presidenta which she in turn began to pour all over that very healthy body of hers, and after she finished covering herself with that ice cold Cerveza she looked me in the eye and said “Cerveza for you.”

Well needless to say the video was put on hold and I had met a new best friend.


  1. mike says:


  2. ron says:

    :-) That'/s right Cerveza for you and nothing more!!!!! :)))

    1. Emeline says:

      W Sosua nie można się nudzić. Firmy unysuowate poza lub dookoła plaży oferują usługi w zakresie uprawiania sportów wodnych. Dla mnie bomba:) Ale także Sosua ma wspaniałe życie nocne: bary, dyskoteki, kasyno…Super:)

  3. monty says:

    u r my hero dave!

  4. Ron says:

    In my next life I wanna be you!

    1. david strecker says:

      Ron did you die ??

  5. carlos says:

    i gotta hang out with u dave!looks like sosua is coming back to its roots.havnt been there in over a decade!! gotta save$$$$

    1. david strecker says:

      Hit a dry spell this last summer when the new mayor tried to make some changes- unlike Costa Rica the DR governing body releases the importance of the monger and and gave the new mayor some words of advice and things are better now than before, slowly but surely the barriers came down . Sosua is a safe fun place to go for everyone now.

  6. Dave says:

    I will be down there next week for my second trip from 12-16 Jan. I would love to hook up. Thanks for the great video presentations and info.

  7. Clay says:

    Hey Dave,
    I am heading down to Sosua tomorrow. Last minute trip, flying into Puerto Plato via Miami. It seems from viewing pics and vids, that most of the girls are a little heavy. Are there plenty of slimmer ones to choose from? I would love to sit by the pool and watch pretty girls partying around me. Any suggestions?

  8. marvin says:

    Hey Dave , Ill be coming to Sosua in 4weeks if you dont mind could you pass me over that fine beautiful thing thats pouring beverages all over her . Im going to start my first day off with her if she is still there. I just need u to put a name to that particular one buddy!

  9. Rodney says:

    That's a hell of a video Dave!

  10. Cutty says:

    Dave, I just got back from my first trip to Sosua and went to Passions twice – it was great! I asked one girl if she knew my Amigo, Cuba Dave, she smiled wide and said a bunch of stuff in Spanish. I think you are very well-liked in there.

    Had a great time in Sosua. Went down there based on your recommendation, and you didn't disappoint. I had a great time and will be going back later this year.

    1. david strecker says:

      You made a good choice – always good to try new places

  11. Rick says:

    Dave, how does it work if you take a girl from Passions back to your hotel for the night, and then you decide that you'd like to keep her for a few days. The Passions menu says that all girls have to be back by 10:00 am, and a 23-hour stint costs 7,500 RD$. That could get pretty expensive over the course of a few days. Is it possible to work out some kind of a package deal for multiple days? And if so, would you work it out with the girl or with Passions management?

    1. david strecker says:

      Take your wife or girlfriend and see how much it cost

  12. T-Bone says:

    My buddies and I will in two weeks. Looking forward to it. Dave not led wrong yet.

  13. Derek says:

    In a day time! I am jelous! Pura Vida! :)

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