Mia before she was MYA

Back in January of 2006 and I had a few guys in from Atlanta who asked me to be their tour guide for Costa Rica. Since this was their first trip they were pretty excited, and three out of the four guys in the group weren’t too particular about what the girls looked like, just wanting some company. The one guy Dan seemed like he was looking for the perfect girl more than just a drinking companion.

I took them to the usual spots- Zona Blue – New Fantasy- Sportsmans- even hit VIPs, and Club Monaco. I seemed to lose one guy at each stop, because as I said they were’t too particular. Dan, however was frustrated and seemed disappointed and also since he was the money man bankrolling the trip, I said to let’s take a break and maybe later in the night it will be better.

A few hours later as I was resting at my luxury suite at the Morazan the phone rang, and it was Dan who said, “get down her right now.”

I asked, where and he replied that he was at the Monkey Bar across the street from the Del Rey.

Since the Monkey Bar is the place across the street and owned by the Hotel Del Rey where nobody goes, the bartenders working there are usually being punished by management. My next question was, “what are you doing in a hole like that”, and Dan was so excited that he just kept saying, “you got to see this girl” I have to meet her.”

I immediately ran down the stairs and in a full sprint headed for the Monkey Bar after playing “Frogger” with the crackheads and bumper to bumper, horn honking cabs.

As soon as I arrived I saw maybe a dozen or so heavy set mongers drinks stacked in front of them as they all were fixated on what was the most beautiful girl I had every seen, she was young, cute, blond with a great natural body, and she wore a pair of sexy glasses that really had everyone in the bar going crazy.

Right away Dan asked, “do you know her?”

I said that I didn’t, but I would do my best to line him up despite the line getting pretty long. She walked over to me, and said “Hi my name is Mia, can I get you anything?”

I was so blown away by her perfect face and that brilliant smile that I was at a loss for words, then I caught a glimpse of Dan as he was nodding his head in a up and down motion so fast I thought his head was going to fall off, I thought what the Hell I got nothing to lose so I leaned over to this Goddess and said my friend has a lot of money and he would like to see you tonight.

She starred right at me and said “that’s nice”, I paused for a moment – so what should I tell him – She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt pulled me real close and whispered in my ear “I’ve turned down $5000 before ” I took a deep breath and said “I gotcha” – I passed the bad news on to Dan, it was funny Dan just said thanks, picked up his money and walked out the door.

Well I never seen Dan again but I over the next several years I did see Mia, Mia became a fixture at the Del Rey and the Key Largo.

Through the following years I along with many others would spend a good part of our night watching Mia perform her magic behind the bar, she could drink shot for shot with the best of them, and on many occasions she would hop right up on the bar and dance in her high heels and short skirt as the tips rolled in.

Yes she was quite attraction. I never got to know Mia that well rather than get involved with her changing moods and multiple personalities I was just satisfied getting an occasional hello.

Mia who now likes to be called Mya is still there and still the center of attention, although she has changed her hair to black and some of her ill advised injections have thrown her body out of proportion. She is still a very beautiful girl and every time I see her I can’t help remember that night at the Monkey Bar.


  1. Doc Hollywood says:

    Interesting thing about her pictures is that in all the photos in which she is wearing glasses she never looks directly at the camera. Then when she is without glasses, she seems to be more confident.

    Just an observation and i could be totally wrong. Personally, I think she was more unique with the glasses.


  2. stanchesttude says:


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