Passions and the Playa (A Sosua Fantasy)

In the past 18 months I have made 20 trips to small beach town of Sosua, which is located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic just an hour and 35 minutes out of Miami. I am often asked what draws me to this little piece of paradise.

Maybe scuba diving?


Perhaps it is the fine restaurants?


Maybe the wild late night action that goes on in Sosua every night?

Wrong again.

The answer is two simple things bring me to Sosua, the Beach and Passions.

Sosua beach is a beautiful beach with crystal clear warm caribbean water, a mile long white sand beach that is set back in well protected cove. It offers a great place to relax and with over 200 bars and restaurants lining the surf. No chance of dying of thrust or hunger at the beach in Sousa.

I spend everyday at the beach, and then at 4pm head for Passions. The club is a dream come true for the single male traveler. Beautifully constructed, and located about 6 blocks from the center of town, Passions is owned and operated by Peter Jensen, who is a burley no-nonsense German born man with a real eye for talent.

Passions employees as many as 40 girls at a time to help your time in Sosua be a memorable one- for me it’s hard to have a favorite because Peter goes out of his way to bring new talent all the time.

Recently we had a discussion about bringing some of the girls to the beach for a day of fun and sun and some photos. The girls were very willing, and we were very pleased with the turn out of favorites like Venya, Penelope, Nathalie, and Sernia. It was a fun day for all, and I think everyone will agree the photos were outstanding. Passions and the Playa hard to beat that combination.


  1. cubadave says:

    Your going to have many options- the beach will be a big change from CR – the downtown area is condensed into a 3 block area and you will have no problem meeting girls there- I choose Passions because it just can't get any better, some people look at a good time based on how much money they saved or how cheap they got girl – I go on vacation to spend money and have a good time. D'Latin is the choice for most, that and Rumbas are good places to start – Downtown is a mob sceen at night girls out number the guys 30-1 — you will have fun.

  2. Sinner says:

    Cubadave I go 3 times a year…is club 59 completely shut down?

    1. cubadave says:

      No – it's open and remodeled, but now it's like the 3rd or 4th choice – NO cover – they will get the overflow oe D'Latin's – the girls move around more now that they have a few more locations to work.

  3. ricky says:

    dave what happened to the old sosua palace that was run by a guy named John

    1. cubadave says:

      don't know what place you mean

  4. ricky says:

    how far is passions from hotel europa ; was passions one time a old strip bar that had apartments behind it back in 2005

    1. cubadave says:

      about 3 blocks — I have a whole history of Pssions a few articles back

  5. ricky says:

    dave is PJ's steak house still there it use to be across from the pharmacy

    1. cubadave says:

      under construction but ope – called Frank Sinatras

  6. robert norton says:

    how far is sea breeze to passions?

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