Super Bowl in Sousa

Not knowing what to expect I took a well deserved vaction to Sosua in the Dominican Republic for the Super Bowl.

I had thought with the Dominican’s playing in the winter leauge baseball championships that I might have to search the town to find the game, but I very wrong.

Super Bowl week has become the #1 vacation for thousands of New Yorkers and with the Giants in the big game it was the biggest crowds of people I have ever seen. Hotels were at 100 percent and the bars were jammed from early in the evening to early in the morning.

My well deserved relaxing week turned into a week long endurance contest. I met several New York cops along with the many Canadians, having no trouble finding someone to take that famous left turn at the corner with me.

The game itself was promoted throughout the week by seemingly by every bar and restaurant in town. I took my time as I tried to hit as many spots as possible. Tera Linda Had a great party, Sharks Bar was packed, Rumba’s was over flowing into the street.

I choose to watch most of the game at a new sports bar called Coachs Corner, which is located in the old Hideaway location. Tucked off the main street, Coach’s offered food and drink specials, several Flat screen TV’s and made a great place for the serious fan.

Of course it was nice to have lined up 4 deep on the streets just waiting for the game to end. It was the perfect place to watch the game with your friends while the barmaids at Coachs supplied enough eye candy for the serious fan. A guy named Ira was the host and he went out of his way to make everyone comfortable. I needed a night like last night thanks to Coachs I took a right last night instead of a left came home with money in my pocket and got a good night sleep first one in 10 days, maybe tonight I will just go to Coachs and watch some hockey tonight- and maybe NOT.


  1. cooking1976 says:

    seems like's there's a lot of new businesses poppin up in sosua. i guess that's great. . but as the place gets more commercialized you do have to worry what that's going to do to chica pricing. a real draw to sosua, the DR is not the fact that it's accepted, it's that the pricing is a real value for the chicas. if that changes, people will go elswhere. can you comment on whether chica pricing is getting affected with the new business and more and more gringos headin' to sosua.

    1. david strecker says:

      I know what your thinking – but I believe that the more reasons have to go to Sosua the more people will come – and the more people the more girls – Costa Rica has the Del Rey which is the main attraction of San Jose – price's start a $ 100 – not everyone likes to pay $100 so there are 55 other places all within a square mile price's range from $10 – $50 – just look at Vegas something for everyone – people bring people and people spend money.

  2. Sosua Guy says:

    Cooking1976, you shouldn`t worry about that, Sosua used to be full of tourists a few year back, and it was all the same. Now tourism is picking up, may new businesses are opening but life`s the same. A big difference is that there`s less open hotels but far more people coming to private villa or condo rentals. Price on anything will always be better to those who are savvy on negotiation….

  3. killer bud says:

    yea leave it to dave to tell the whole world about it . next thing you know walmart will open down the street and f##k it all up .

    1. cubadave says:

      I think I got blamed for the housing crisis too

  4. david strecker says:

    One thing everyone should remember is if there is no money to be made – it only opens the door for crime – check out the crime report in San Jose since all the Gringo harassment – we have a choice where we want to go – if your not welcome don't go.

  5. Angel says:

    I just came back from SOSUA and i tell you Cuvadave is my idol. Passions a must place to visit! Peter the owner super good at customer satisfaction. The best club and girls in sosua thank you cubadave for teaching me the way of Sosua. Paradise in the beach, and the best girls at passions. In the place you can't go wrong with an owner who is on top of the game. Thank you Peter and cubadave!!!!
    P.S Keep the excellent work!!!!

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