Campo Alegre an adventure to forget about

A couple of years back while I was making my regular visits to Costa Rica, I took a few days to go down to Jaco and check out the Beetle bar. The girls were really nice and very similar to the Del Rey, but one girl really stood out she was a beautiful full figured girl from Colombia. She had the brightest smile I had ever seen, and a the greatest set of “headlights” I have ever seen.

I soon was sitting next to this Colombian beauty, she said her name was Judy, and it didn’t take long and we were sharing a room together. Things went so well that I returned to Jaco several times to continue this pay for pleasure experience with Judy.

Then one day I got the news that her visa had expired and she was back in Colombia and the thought of ever seeing her again just wasn’t going to happen. Then a short time later I received an e-mail from a girl that matched her photo, the girl in the e-mail was Judy alright but using a completely different name. The e-mail suggested that I come and visit her at her new place of employment.

She said she was working at a place called Campo Alegre on the Caribbean island of Curacao. I had no idea where this was or what this place was like, she described it as similar to the Del Rey. With nothing really to do at the time I thought “what the Hell” why not ? I did no research what so ever on the place and just jumped on a plane and headed to Curacao, what I was about to experience in the next 4 days was something I would rather forget.

The first night went great as Judy met me at my hotel and we picked up where we left off in Jaco. Then she suggested that I come to the club and see what goes on there. Now one must realize what Camp Alegre is all about, after I returned home I did some research and what was advertised was not exactly what I experienced. Campo Alegre is about 15 min from downtown ($20 cab each way) It’s a gated community that you must pay $6 fee to enter -the girls rent a room and it’s their place to lure customers, there are 150 room and they say there are 120 girls working there.

The rooms are refurbished army barracks from the 40’s, each room has a bed and some have showers. The rooms have a red light above the door and if the girl is busy then the red light is on. You walk the grounds as if you are walking the grounds of a WWII prison camp . There is security everywhere and there is absolutely to photos or video.

You pay the girl cash she keeps what she makes because the Camp makes it money on the room rent. Standard fee is $30 for half hour but it’s their room and everything is a negoation – In the center of the compound is the club where girls will dance, strip, and do their hustle. Girls from everywhere come there because they can acquire a 3 month work visa.

The action really doesn’t start till about 10-11 pm, and the better looking girls have all been reserved by then, some of the better girls will do 7-8 guys a night. Judy was about a 7 in Jaco but she was definitely a 10 in this place and needless to say she wasn’t with me after 10pm.

I found the girls to be very unprofessional and everything was an upscale. You could take a girl to your hotel but that would run about $200 and that’s if you could find one you liked. When Judy was working I would walk the grounds and chat with the available girls and found that they were willing to perform for much less than the standard price but of the 120 advertised girls I probably seen a total of 40 girls and very few that were even a 5 or 6.

When I first entered the place and was padded down and told “no camera” I thought it was to protect the girls privacy, but it was really so no one could see how ugly these girls were. I was scheduled to stay in Curacao for 7 days but after 2 nights at Campo Alegre I spent a couple of days on the beach and headed back home. I can understand why girls like Judy would work there but I can’t understand why a place that put so much into it’s facility would have such a horrible product. If I had read their ad’s before I went I would have went Judy or no Judy, a classic case of bait and switch, but then again I had one good day and seen another venue.


  1. mavrick says:

    Thanks for the heads up ill stay away from that one. I took your advice on CR and it was right so now im taking your advice on sosua. ill be down there the last week of this month. Hope to c you down there!

  2. Guest says:

    that aerial map is awesome! now i can deploy some carpet bombing to erase this god forsaken place from the face of the earth and protect fellow mongers!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thank you Cubadave for this realistic evaluation. Good to know in advance. (The idea of a dated and guarded area, designated for P4P, seems itself a good idea to me. It offers security for everyone. It's the way it is practised here that is problematic.) – and tell me: If you were not allowed to bring a camera, where did you get the photos?

    1. cubadave says:

      The girls have photos of themselves and e-mail them to their clients – also my girl was used on a lot of the promotional ads for the place – I'm sure you will notice how nightclubs and strip joints will use photos of professional models to lure in customers and then when you enter "those girls" aren't there – same here as I said the classic "bait and switch".

  4. Steve H. says:

    Everyone has an opinion…..I just left the place Aug 9th-13th and I found it fit my taste and budget. Yes lots of security and lots of girls to choose from. Perfect for me. Had this place been in The Dominican or Jamaica robberies would be a dailey occurance. I saw the same type of girl I would not take in the Del Rey at Camp Alegre. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I say ” go see for your self” Had I read your opinion and never been….I’d be on the first thing smoking to see what it was you did not like and what it is I would like.

    1. cubadave says:

      As always some places are hit and miss, I'm glad for you that you hit it at a good time – I was not so lucky the main reason I didn't like it was there didn't seem to be that many girls to choose from. And the good ones I did see were always reserved by regulars, another thing was all the price's seemed to be based on 30 min sessions, kinda of a hurry up and get it over with thing. I thought it was kind of a hassle to get there from town and once you were there , well there you were take it or leave it. I do like the concept and the security but unless you have the talent it just doesn't work. When I got home I started to read some reviews and most had the same opinion as me – now this was a couple of years ago and lately guys have asked me about the place so I just shared my experience. If you have anything else to add feel free to do so – thanks for your input

      1. Mike says:

        Is this the only place to find women on the island? are there not other "strip clubs" or bars where there are "working woman"? Also in general are there beautiful woman on the island when you went out to regular bars or clubs and were they friendly?

        1. cubadave says:

          not sure

  5. Steve H. says:

    Heading back on Sept 11th to Camp Alegre……will give a more thorough update after that…..I understand how on any given day things can change. I was at Club Fantasy in CR…..and you know how the lighting is not the best where the girls are I swear when I got in the room I thought someone had actually switched girls on me as I walked towards the room. She did not look anything like the girl I thought I was looking at out front ……she was to put it mildly kinda scarey….but she had the same clothes, same tattoo, and same killer body. It could have been my bad experience, but doggy style saved the day.

    1. cubadave says:

      OK Steve – looking forward to your report — as far as New Fantasy – they have a little waiting room that you can request ,they also have a bar , it's not a bad idea to take a few minutes and discuss with the girl what you have on your mind, I have done that and after 5 min realized that it just wasn't going to work and cancelled out and grabbed another.

  6. Gary Warner says:

    I agree, different taste for different folks!! I’ve been traveling with my buddies to Campo Alegre annually for 9 years now an we find the experience great!! We love te variety of chicas, low cost, and atmosphere. Security is fine!! We have nothing to hide. We get in 3-4 chicas per nite and have no interest in bringing them to our hotel!! We play golf during the day and do chicas at nite!! We go to Sosua and Jamaica and we’ve done Rio as well. They all are different and serve a purpose!! Don’t talk bad about what we call “The Green Leaf”! We LOVE it!!!

    1. Gary Warner says:

      Oh yeah, I’m also having my 50th birthday guys trip in October!! CAN’T WAIT!!

    2. cubadave says:

      Ok Gary glad it worked for you – it's nice to see a little balance in the reporting – thanks

    3. T I says:

      What are you guys taking to be able to handle 3 – 4 chicas per nite and where can I get some? I am a mid 30's guy, and even for me in Sosua, i was wore out after say even 2 in a 12 hour period.

      1. cubadave says:

        no drinking is the key along with a little blue pill but if you drink the pill won't work the same, this info was given to me by several doctors over the years – eat good food- sleep- and don't drink- take 50mg 40 min before your first encounter then 50 mg 40min before your next – try to not eat at least 3 hours before you take the pill – you asked I'm just telling what I've been told buy expert doctors – remember every drink reduces your chance's

  7. Tom says:

    I went to Curacao 7.5 years ago and had a great time. On my visit, Campo Allegre had solid talent. I also liked it's open air setting right on the ocean. And in the center area near the outdoor bar they had a pool table and some other games. I will concede that if you aren't into short-time sessions, you may not like it. Also, you definitely need to rent a car if you're planning on going to Campo Allegre as it's away from where the hotels are.

    Also, if you are into mixing diving and mongering vacations, Curacao is hard to beat. Fantastic diving, including shore diving.

    I haven't returned to Curacao yet, but I certainly didn't regret my one trip there. I had to give up diving, so my incentive to return has dimished. I have tons of vacations time, so I try to mix in different destinations with my mainstays (DR, Colombia, and Brasil). If your vacation time is limited and you're not into diving, Curacao probably doesn't make sense.

    1. cubadave says:

      7 years ago ?? things change over time – but nice to hear your report.

  8. Tom says:

    Yes they certainly do! Rio is at least 3 times more expensive than it was seven years ago!

    As far as Curacao, I recently read a report on one of the major mongering sites that was very positive about the talent at C. Allegre. Having said that, I think going to Curacao comes down to one thing – diving. If you're a dive (and mongering) enthusiast, it's great. If not, you're probably better off in DR, Colombia, et al.

    1. SK*ER cali says:

      Hong Kong club Tijuana smokes anywhere in the world nough said 250 300 girls on the weekends 80 bucks for half hour including the room ….Thailand next best thing FOR sure get with it guys !!!!!!!!

      1. cubadave says:

        $80 for a half hour – she better be in the finial four in the Miss Mexico contest

  9. pogostick says:

    I go to Curacao regularly on business and spend every evening at Campo and always have a good time. I also travel to St Maarten and Aruba and partake of the legal brothels there as well.

    There is always a mix of different body types at Campo, with a little more focus on heavier girls. Locals on Curacao don't like spinners, they want curves. Tourists are only about 15% of their business, so they have to stock what sells the most. But there is always something for everyone.

    For me, it is all about the atmosphere. I like to go right around sundown. I'll grab a bite at the snack shop and then sit on the porch with a drink and watch the camp come to life. I also get first pick of freshly showered, dressed-to-kill girls. My ATF in my long mongering career was in Campo, she actually stole a bit of my heart, but gave me passion in return.

    The other good thing about Campo how they take care of the girls. It is safe, clean and very well maintained, especially compared to the other Dutch islands. They have private rooms with hot water showers, airco, phones and a panic button. (security responds in seconds) The have a gym, stores, internet and food all in the camp.

    Other islands have shoddy, hot semi-dungeons of rooms in many of the brothels, although recently St Maarten has built some newer, very nice houses and remodeled a couple others. But in general, the girls must share a bed 24/7 and there is one bathroom for every 2 rooms. The cold showers are just bare pipes in the wall. St Maarten has a rising crime problem where mongers are getting robbed and even shot trying to walk 100 yards to the next casa. Even that close, you drive from secure lot to secure lot.

    Campo is one of the most pleasant places to spend an evening with no worries or concerns. Just relaxation and fun.


    1. cubadave says:

      Thanks for your report – Like I said it's been awhile since I've been there and I get a lot of questions about the place so once again thanks for your input, and also the report on St .Martin, I lived in the US Virgin Islands for a long time and your right "not to safe"

  10. manny says:

    I would like to ask one thing, in terms of the guys who visit here, Im guessing this is a vacation for older men 40+, who go there straight for the action and dont want to go to regular bars/clubs. Can anyone shed light on this, in terms of anyone who say they had a blast here,do you compare this to other major party cities in the world like Vegas, Rio, Miami because there for young single guys its very easy to get girls. But for older men, its alot harder. What is the age the men who say they had a blast, just for curiousity?

  11. Tom says:

    There are a few bars in Willemstad. But the whole island probably has no more than 150,000 population, so you can't compare it to big cities like Miami, Rio, Vegas. If you're looking for that type of urban experience, Curacao is probably not a good choice. If you're looking for decent beaches, great diving, and some mongering, it might be a decent choice.

  12. dave says:

    I spent a week in curacao ….same experience with the compound…i would imagine its falling apart by now. I will say that the brit tourists , female of course… are much more fun!!

  13. bill4tuna says:

    Planning on a week in October, ages from 31 to 70. birthday celebration. there will be 6 of us. Need a nice but reasonable place to stay near the Club, a house in particular. Also a couple days of fishing.
    The younger guys will run to Club Alegre. The older guys, like me, will walk but I will be there with my
    blue and yellow pills. Any advise is appreciated.

    1. cubadave says:

      I have no info on hotels – but if you google the town you should get some info

  14. Sammy C says:

    Renaissance is my top pic for a hotel.
    When I worked for the cruise line industry, I had the time of my life at La Mirage aka Campo Allegre. Been to Colombia several times, been yo DR 14 times, CR, Panama City, Panama, Israel, etc. Married now, and can’t imagine cheating on my wife. Those days will be memories and what memories those days were, lol.

  15. Bill Smith says:

    If you like top shelf (and cheap) ahem, "party favors" and like to mix it all, together with the girls, this is the place. I spent 3 FULL days there, at $30/half hour plus throw in another 30/hour for food,tips and "party favors"….it was the best $6,000 I ever spent. It's the only way I would do it. I walked back to Hato airport, got my passport,wallet and return ticket from my locker and slept all the way home.

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