Eva from CMP on Sosua Beach

While filming a trip report video on Sosua Beach, my cameraman kept motioning for me to take notice of what was walking up behind me, I was about to say “cut” when I turned around and walking down the beach right towards me wearing a very small white bikini was a very familiar looking body, as she got closer I could see this could only be one person “Eva”.


  1. Cliff says:

    Dave……Dave…….Dave……you need to fire the videographer for this piece. Geesh, a looker like Eva and he couldn't do a better job of showing us her body when she walked up closer. And then to not even shoot a few seconds of her butt as you walked away with her. What a waste! I'm not sure why you posted this video. It is waaaaaaaaay below your usual quality of work.

    1. cubadave says:

      I have several more minutes of this video comming up in the future – this was just a tease – Eva was more than willing to do more and more and more –stay tunned

    2. Cruzzan says:

      I was thinking the same thing. As soo as they walked away i was like… "Lets see that ass" and then the camera was pointing at the sand. I was like Damn!!!!!!

  2. Evy says:

    leaving something for the imagination

  3. cubadave says:

    more to come later !!!!

  4. Doc Hollywood says:

    Dave, tell Josh at Tropicana I said hi!
    Doc Hollywood

  5. GJ Magellan says:

    Great Stuff, it's nice to see we still have one in the trenches..If you wish to send me the unedited version you have my email. LOL

  6. ronshel says:

    I like to get to know some of the girls in sosua by talking to them at the bar but dont know the proper amount to give to them before i move on to the next girl.What would you sugest i give for an hour of coversation?would five or ten dollars be ok?

    1. cubadave says:

      You can buy them a drink or two and then they will hang around hoping you will pull the trigger, some longer then others- you don't have to pay them for conversation but that's not what they are there for

  7. Kenny says:

    Stop picking on Cuba Dave…. He does us all favors.

    Your the best Dave

  8. cubadave says:

    Anyone wanting to see more photos of Eva go to Cubadave – in Sosua on facebook click on the photos and look at the section "Beautiful women of Sosua"

    1. Ty says:

      Hey Dave I’m going to book a trip …. What weekend will you be there in April … I usually do 5 nights I’m going for 7 this time around lol

      1. cubadave says:


        1. Tom says:

          I'll be there April 13 – 20.

          1. Ty says:

            April 23 – may 2 just booked

          2. cubadave says:

            see ya there

          3. cubadave says:

            If you see me say hi

          4. Ty says:

            How far is don Antonio from the action ?

          5. cubadave says:

            Let's put it this way if you roll out bed on the wrong side your in Rumbas, close enough for you ??

  9. Lorenzo says:

    I met that girl on person and, to be honest her tits were such at urn off. They had some kind of scar on them that’s a big no no for me. She was nice overall.

    1. cubadave says:

      They do stand out and are hard not to notice some like them that big and some just get turned away by the silicon, I like them

  10. Phil says:

    Hey Dave, I plan on arriving in Sosua on April 24th. Hope to meet my a Man after my own heart. You're the best for your reporting and advice. I fly in SDQ and have to wait 4 hours for my buddy to arrive on a later flight. Do you suggest any action in Santo Domingo to past the time?

  11. tugboat5393 says:

    Wow Shes Hot,was in Sosua June 6-10th what a great time,keep up the good work Dave!

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